AgStone Clemson Research

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Evaluation of Soil Surfactant on Fescue/Bermuda Pasture

Case Study: Evaluation of Soil Surfactant on Fescue/Bermuda Pasture

The agriculture chemical industry has suppliers that promote nutrient enhancers and soil surfactants. What effect will a soil surfactant at different application rates have on a Fescue/Bermuda pasture? Will nutrient uptake be more efficient? Will there be more moisture in the plant?

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AgStone 15 Soil Surfactant Field Research on Bentgrass

Case Study: Soil Surfactant Field Research On Bentgrass

With many soil surfactants on the market today, there is a need for new technology. Ag-Stone, LLC has developed a new soil surfactant not based on the industry standard. Because the Ag-Stone product is ‘new’ technology, Ag-Stone 15 was compared to a soil surfactant currently being used on a Bentgrass green. The two products were evaluated for soil moisture and nutrient uptake performance. Will Ag-Stone 15 perform the same, better, or worse than a soil surfactant currently being sold in the golf course industry? Will Ag-Stone 15 have better performance in soil moisture and nutrient uptake?

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