AlgaeGreen contains all the natural key compounds found naturally within fresh Ascophyllum nodosum that are beneficial to turf grass and soil Polysaccharides:

  • Alginates, Fucoidans and Laminarans
  • Amino acids, Vitamins, antioxidants that help the plant in its basic physiology mainly to fight against oxidative stresses induced by osmotic or parasites
  • Natural Micro & Macro nutrients: a wide panel of more than 60 elements
  • Polyphenols, also antioxidants, help the plant during oxidative stress in coping with free radicals generated during abiotic and biotic stresses
  • Increases efficiency of other tank mixed products
  • pH 4.2 – 4.6


Product label: AlgaeGreen label

MSDS: AlgaeGreen SDS